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About Dave Chaloux

Woodworker/carpenter, firefighter, father, husband.

After an 18-year career as a builder/carpenter building houses throughout Fairfield County, Connecticut, I started on a 25-year career as a firefighter in the town both my wife and I grew up in, retiring in 2024.

Building houses with family and friends was extremely enjoyable. I learned a tremendous amount about construction and woodworking from master carpenters, as most of our builds were from foundation to finish carpentry. Firefighting gave me a sense of fulfillment, serving the public and giving my family the stability needed to provide for a growing family. Working as a firefighter was absolutely a passion; the work, comradery and teamwork was gratifying and filled with adrenaline packed excitement. Firefighting is essentially making someone’s worst day of their lives better.

Now onto my career after retiring from the fire service.

Woodworking has also been a passion. With my previous experience as a carpenter, I’ve been learning the finer skills of making furniture. Patience and the right tools enable me to continue to grow my skills and learn new techniques. Being able to bring a vision of a piece to reality and to see the reactions of the people I’m making a piece for has a large degree of that sense of gratification as firefighting had… maybe without the adrenaline.

Studio 40 Custom Woodworking LLC is a family run collaboration. The vision of being able to work as a woodworker and include my family in the business has all the elements I would ever want. Being around and working with people I enjoy and love being with and creating unique furniture that make people happy.

Man Wood Carving
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