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About Studio 40 Woodworking

Studio 40 Custom Woodworking is a custom furniture crafting small business based out of Newtown, Connecticut.


We take pride in crafting unique, custom furniture tailored to individual preferences, embracing a diverse range of styles and techniques to ensure that your furniture reflects your personal taste. From contemporary to traditional, we are open to exploring various design approaches to bring your vision to life.

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Our Projects

The Process

The process of creating custom furniture begins by collaborating with each customer to refine and perfect the design concept that works for their function and budget.

1. Contact Us

Reach out by email or phone with some general information about what you're looking for.

2. Project Brief

In this meeting, Dave will guide a discussion around style, size, and wood species to determine general budget before drawing up plans

3. Free Product Sketch

4. Kick-off Meeting

A hand drawn sketch will be sent  to review with the customer to propose the general concept.

5. Approval for Build

This meeting is used to hone in changes, integrate customer input, and review the schedule/delivery expectation and payment schedule.

With client changes to the blueprint, contract to be sent out and signed.

Wooden Surface


(203) 943-9688



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Meet the Craftsman

Dave Chaloux

Woodworker/carpenter, fire fighter, father, husband.

                                                                        After an 18-year career as a builder/carpenter building houses throughout                                                                                   Fairfield County CT, Dave Chaloux started on a 25 year career as a fire fighter in                                                                           1999, now retiring in 2024.


Dave learned a tremendous amount about construction and woodworking from master carpenters during his time building houses, as most of their builds were from foundation to finish carpentry. Firefighting gave him a sense of fulfillment, serving the public and giving his family the stability needed to provide for a growing family. Working as a fire fighter was absolutely an passion; the work, comradery and teamwork was gratifying and filled with adrenaline packed excitement.

Onto his 3rd lifetime career once retired from the fire service, woodworking has been a passion. With previous experience as a carpenter, Dave has been learning the finer skills of making furniture. In naming the business, Dave paid homage to his badge number and created Studio "40" Custom Woodworking. Patience and the right tools enable him to continue to grow his skills and learn new techniques. Being able to bring a vision of a piece to reality and to see the reactions of the people he crafts for has a large degree of that sense of gratification as firefighting had… maybe without the adrenaline.

About the Shop

All the tools used to assemble the shop are intended to be of highest quality, focusing on accuracy and durability. As well, because of the current space being used for the shop, all the machines are on wheels for portability. Other considerations during the build-out of the shop were (#1) Install sufficient electrical for all tools/machines (#2) have enough lighting and (#3) to include heat and air conditioning.

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